With a experience of a decade, we are a leading Global Video & Film Production company that love to explore the world around us through the lens of a camera. Whether still photography, or motion films, we go beyond the obvious to engage your clients in a brand story that is result-oriented in a refreshing and creative way.


The PhotoPandits Way


To transform the independent, fragmented, non-standardized business of Video Production, Film Making & Photography into an organized industry by standardizing processes, accommodation of the ever-changing landscape and varying levels of awareness amongst clients.

Our Approach

We pay uncompromising attention to the quality of work we deliver. Our team consists of members formally educated & Professionally Trained in the roles associated with the industry, helping us to deliver a product in complete sync with your brand ethos consistently maintained through the concept, shoot, and edit & Post Production.

Constant Up-gradation

Video Production,Film Production & Photography is an extremely dynamic field, heavily dependent on advancing technology & creative skills . To counter it, we have built a system that allows for rapid up-gradation of skill and equipment, to ensure that you, as an end user, receive nothing less than the best.

Empowering the End User

At PhotoPandits, we believe that every client we work with should be in a position to take decisions only after being fully equipped with the technical and non-technical details of the process and expected results. This is what makes client interaction, one of the best parts of the process for us.


Our Vision is to grow into a global brand Serving that works to capture stories from around the world in an effective, meaningful, and entertaining manner.
In the world of Photography ‘Photo’ translated to light, and In Indian Mythology ‘Pandit’ translated into an individual with specialized knowledge of a field, makes us individuals with specialized knowledge in the field of Film & Photographythe raw material that breathe life into everything inside the camera body.


“Where Reel Becomes Real” !


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Balkrishn is a passionate filmmaker with 10+ years of experience, specialised in corporate and industrial films. He is prefect blend of an artist and marketing professional. He is known for his deep knowledge about market dynamics and creative side of advertising world.

Founder-CEO & Executive Producer

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Amit Bhandare is a steadfast and animated professional photographer with over 18 years of experience which includes 5 years of teaching experience. Amit has worked with agencies like 'Mudra Communications' and 'Attitude', magazines like 'Style Speak and 'Ideal Home and Garden' tagging along with direct clients shows his love for new challenges and zeal in discovering new frontiers. Amit's work is showcased at the 'India Art Fair' and also conducted 'International Photography' tours for his students.

Course Director & Ace Photographer

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Ratnakar is a passionate cinematographer with 5+ years experience , he is specialised in corporate films and lifestyle commericals. He is known for his style for setting frames and playing with light.


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Apurv is a visual Director with 8+ years of experience in the industry of visual media and animations. He has worked on couple of well-known films & webseries for Netflix, HBO Max, DC comics, Dreamworks, Marvel studios and Cartoon Network.

Visual Director

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Ameet is an ace Creative Director & Graphic Designer known for his eye for detail in the design. He has 20 years of experience in Art & design & have worked with Ad agencies & Govt. Projects.

Creative Director

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With over 18 years of experience in production, Ivan creates international quality videos, animations & infographics for clients across the globe. Taking ahead the immense learning and experience of working with top talents in the industry, Ivan believes that his work should rise beyond appreciation, to deliver value.
Ivan Gonzalez

IG1 Communications, USA


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