Filmmaking is a State of Mind

Filmmaking is something that begins much before one holds a camera in hand. Enroll in our Art Gurukul and explore the field from start to finish, and beyond.

Welcome to a new world of Professionalism

Filmmaking has always been associated with being an artist’s job. However, most people are drawn to the art half of it, or have very little knowledge of the technical and business skills needed to make it work successfully as a profession.
This is where we come in.
Our decades of experience in the industry has taught us that along with being one of the strongest media of expression and communication, filmmaking is just like any other business with a process-driven mechanism where you weigh and structure the input, to get a pre-defined output of utmost quality.
Much like putting raw material inside a machine and extracting a useful product out of it, we believe that Art Gurukul will help empower aspirants to apply filmmaking as a medium in the most effective way possible, making a prosperous career out of it.

Course Structure/Curriculum


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